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The constructivist approach – and, indeed, PCP – can be viewed as a heuristic approach, and with ample room for further theoretical and practical elaboration.

The Constructivist Research and Documentation Centre aims to support all those who are interested in contributing to the study and development of Constructivism in general, and to PCP in particular. To that end, the Centre provides consultancy services, training, submission of research opportunities, and organization of in-depth meetings on various topics of interest.

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The consultations – directed towards specializing students and university students, but also towards colleagues interested in this prospect – involve individual meetings with research experts in the constructivist field, and may address issues such as methodology and bibliographic research.

The CRDC offers group training meetings on topics related to research, such as the drafting of a research design, the use of constructivist research tools and techniques, and the use of literature research databases.

The School of Constructivist Pyschotherapy, via the CRDC, periodically promotes an invitation to tender for the best research project, directed at the specializing students. Besides a cash prize, the final thesis – subject to a peer-review – gets published in the Rivista Italiana di Costruttivismo.

In order, moreover, to foster a funded research, the CRDC indicates the opportunities for participation in public and private invitations to tender for research studies.

The Centre provides a space for discussion and professional growth, also through the organization of moments of reflection and analysis on certain specific issues of shared interest.

The CRDC acts as a support tool for specializing students at the Institute of Constructivist Psychology who are working on preparing their annual theses. You can request a consultation meeting with the CRDC for suggestions and ideas on methodology and bibliographic research.

What's more, each year the CRDC offers the students of the Institute of Constructivist Psychology the chance to participate in an invitation to tender which funds an original research project that aims to study the use of PCP at a theoretical and practical level. The winner of the invitation to tender will publish, subject to peer-review, their final paper in the Rivista Italiana di Costruttivismo.

The Centre promotes the organization of work, research and interest groups that deal with specific issues (see list), favouring, where possible, the collaboration among several researchers, groups and institutions. Comparing, learning, broadening one's own research horizions, networking – under the versatile and heuristic umbrella of constructivism and PCP – are the guiding principles of these work groups.

There are many researchers and work groups that deal with the development of constructivism and PCP on a theoretical and practical level, and many resources can emerge from their discussion and collaboration. The CRDC wishes to map and enhance the visibility of these groups and researchers, with the intention of facilitating contact and cooperation among different situations within a national and international network.

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