School of Constructivist Psychology

The school of Constructivist Psychology prepares for psychotherapeutic practice following a model of interpretation and intervention derived from G. A. Kelly\'s Psychology of Personal Constructs. While following in the path of this tradition our approach develops and enriches it with the best of what the various constructivist schools have expressed in Europe and the world over the last 20 years.

The idea on which both the theoretical framework of the school and the clinical approach which students are taught hinges is that reality is not independent of who observes it, interprets it and experiences it. The person is considered as fundamentally engaged in making sense of his own world and in verifying how much of that sense is useful for living. This attention to the universe of meanings of the other differentiates our approach from models of clinical and psychotherapeutic practice that are still current and more widespread.

In the four-year course candidates will study not only the theory and practice of psychotherapy with individual patients, but also the application of the model to marriage, family and group therapy, as well as to organizational counselling, especially in the area of changes in corporate culture.

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