Visiting Professor - Shenaz Kelly Rawat

Shenaz Kelly Rawat



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Shenaz Kelly Rawat is an Occupational Psychologist and Psychotherapist. Her experience and skill in both commercial and therapeutic contexts has given her a unique perspective on individual performance issues in Organisations. Shenaz is the Managing Director of Coaching Options, which she founded in 2000. She now has an established international coaching practice. It is her conviction that Executive coaching is the ultimate ‘Leadership conversation’ as it enables clients to ‘lift up their heads, and the heads of others’. She genuinely enjoys supporting and challenging people who want to change some aspects of their work or life in order to meet their full potential. The focus of interest in her work are personal change initiatives within the complexity of organisations. Shenaz lives in Dublin with her husband and three children.

07/10/2007 workshop titled On whom depend for what? An exploration of ewhere Kelly's dependencies hypothesis meets leadership development

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