Working therapeutically across languages

On Thursday 23rd May 2019, from 2 p.m. to 6 p.m., Lucia Andreatta will lead the free workshop:

Working therapeutically across languages: challenges and opportunities

Multilingualism and cultural differences are central issues in psychotherapeutic interventions for foreign patients. Acknowledging the role and meaning of those issues in the therapy room could become a therapeutic asset and an avenue to get access into a patient’s personal construct system. The aim of this workshop is to offer participants a space to share ideas and discuss the challenges and opportunities of working therapeutically across languages and cultures, using the lens of Personal Construct Psychology.

Lucia Andreatta, psychologist-psychotherapist, learning teacher of the ICP School of Constructivist Psychotherapy.

The workshop will be held at our School, via Martiri della Libertà 13 – Padova. The admission is free but reservation is required (tel. 0498751669; email

Please note the workshop is only in Italian

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