Personal Construct Psychology for Coaching & Consulting

Personal Construct Psychology for Coaching & Consulting

17-20 May 2018, Casa San Marco, Monteortone (PD), Italy

This programme is designed for people working as coaches or consultants in organisations who would like to find out more about PCP and the constructivist approach.

  • discover and learn more about key aspects of PCP philosophy, theory and practice
  • explore new ways to work with personal, professional, and organisational change
  • examine our personal understandings of our role as coaches and consultants
  • experiment creatively with ideas of personal meaning-making, core values, and beliefs
  • develop alternative understandings and approaches to change and ‘resistance’ to change
  • practice and develop a range of skills to lead and support constructive conversations with individuals and in teams
  • develop new insights into working with creatively with individuals, groups, and systems

For further information: ICP INTlab

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