Organized by
Institute of Constructivist Psychology

The XVIIIth International Congress on Personal Construct Psychology

Venice, Italy, July 20-24, 2009

PCP and constructivism: ways of working, learning and living

Welcome to the homepage for the XVIIIth International Congress for Personal Construct Psychology - a recognition and celebration of the continuing growth and elaboration of PCP worldwide.

Our inclusive congress title PCP and Constructivism recognises the central place of PCP in the broad family of theories and practices describing themselves as constructivist. Our most common denominator is an emphasis on the active construction of meaning by and between people. In this spirit, our aim is to encourage and support lively and empowering conversation and debate aimed at both extending and defining our diverse approaches.

The second part of our theme: ways of working, learning and living celebrates the broad range of convenience of PCP and its continuing application to new and exciting areas, such as the recent explosion of work in the field of arts and popular culture. Contributions exploring new topics and themes using PCP will be warmly welcomed.

PCP as ‘a psychology for living’ is a central theme. Our hope is that we will not only talk about PCP and constructivism, but also enjoy this opportunity to co-create a vibrant experience of constructivist living. With this in mind, we would like to encourage, alongside the more traditional papers and presentations, a range of experiments in sharing and co-creation, using the ‘social laboratory’ of the congress, and enabling our individual and collective development as a community of adventurous psychological explorers.